Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama - For the Children - But What About Us Adults?

If there is one trope I'm sick of, and get sicker of every year as I march upright toward the ravages of aging and my inevitable death (financial tip: Bet on Your Own Death), it's when people justify their actions by saying they are doing them "for the children." We fight against street drugs and fill up our prisons "for the children." We wage war and kill lots of people "for the children."

Obama announces that this is why he ran for president in his letter to his daughters, published in hard-hitting PARADE Magazine. (Why not just leave the letter under their pillows? That seems a whole lot easier than publishing it in PARADE.)

The hidden agenda has been exposed. Obama is President "for the children." But what about the adults?

Why don't adults register in our political and self-justifying rhetoric?

Are we cut off and cast adrift at age 18? (Is that what Obama is really telling his daughters?)

Last I checked, there were more adults in this country than children. Let's do something For the Adults.

Because if you take care of the adults, the adults are in a much better position to take care of the children.

Call it "trickle down home economics."

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  1. Wonderful rant, Professor Foley.